Take a Break!

Did you know that you can put your TWN plan in vacation mode?

Pause your internet service the next time you have plans to leave town. Vacation mode ensures that you are not paying full price for internet you’re not using.

Why pay while you’re away? Take advantage of vacation mode the next time you take a trip!

What You Need to Know:

  • Both new and existing customers can switch to vacation mode for 8 months maximum within a 12-month period.
  • Vacation mode does not cancel your plan. However, certain fees may apply.*
  • Email accounts remain active in vacation mode.
  • Take VoIP phone service with you or pay $15/month to suspend it while in vacation mode.
Call 877-877-6861 to learn more!
**Certain restrictions apply. Vacation mode is available for residential service only. Vacation mode does not cancel your plan. Certain fees, surcharges, equipment fees may apply. Please contact a TWN representative to discuss the options or view the terms and conditions of service at