Fast Fiber Internet for All Heartland REMC Members

Check your zone on the progress map*

*This progress map is for illustrative purposes only and is not drawn to scale. Some restrictions may apply for service availability in fiber-ready areas. Construction timelines may be adjusted at any time due to weather, materials, and/or other variables. Please click “get started” to check for fiber availability at your current address or contact TWN Customer Care at 877-877-6861 for more information.

See what’s happening in your neighborhood.

We are currently working to bring the fastest broadband available to your front door. As we continue to build out the network to ensure all Heartland REMC members have access to reliable, high-quality broadband services, use the map to stay updated on progress in your zone.
If you haven’t taken the first step toward fiber internet, it’s time to sign the Underground Agreement today!

*Services provided by TransWorld Network, Corp. Service not available in all areas and not all plans available in all areas. With approved credit. Restrictions, terms, and conditions apply. Taxes, regulatory, installation/activation, surcharges and other charges not included. Call for additional details or visit the terms and conditions section at 1. Internet. Customers on fiber or sustained plans will receive download speeds as stated per respective plan. Customers on qualifying legacy plans may receive maximum download speeds ranging from 4.0 Mbps to 10.0 Mbps, per respective plan. Actual download speeds will vary. If maintenance fee is applicable, pricing includes monthly maintenance fee.
†Digital Phone service. International call rates apply. Unlimited calling applies to local and long distance calls within the contiguous United States. Digital Phone 911 Service operates differently than traditional 911. See https://www.twncomm/911.html for information. Unlimited usage subject to “fair and normal” usage limitations as described in terms and conditions.