Frequently Asked Questions

What is TWN internet?

TWN is high-speed, broadband connectivity to the internet.

How does fixed wireless internet work?

Our TWN network uses state-of-the-art equipment to connect our customers to the internet. The TWN Fixed Wireless Internet service uses wireless line-of-sight service to deliver broadband connectivity. Our equipment utilizes various tower sites, buildings, water towers and other high structures to capture a wide expanse of coverage. Customer premise equipment must have line-of-site viewability for our equipment to receive service.

What equipment is needed at the customer location for fixed wireless internet?

TWN will provide a mounted antenna, wireless router and all required power supplies at time of installation. In many cases, a reflector may be needed to provide additional signal strength.

What is unlimited data?

When you surf the internet, you are using data. Many providers set data caps or maximum amounts of data that can be streamed. These companies will charge additional fees when you go over the limit. With TWN Internet, you get unlimited* data streaming. So, keep surfing! No one is stopping you!

* Please refer to terms and conditions about fair and normal usage for unlimited data.

Is fixed wireless internet secure?

Yes. The TWN spectrum has been used in the past for military communications because it is difficult to detect or interfere with.  However, as with any broadband internet connection, the customer has a constant open connection to the internet and is, therefore, subject to any and all forms of internet attack. Consumers are responsible for protecting their computers. Installing antivirus software and a firewall will help protect your computer from damaging viruses.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes. We require an agreement for terms of service. We have a variety of lengths and terms, including month-to-month, depending on your commitment level. Please call us for more details.

Is there an installation fee?

Yes. For fixed wireless internet service, we require an installation fee, which is reflective of the length of service.

Can I sign up online?

Yes, new customers can choose an internet plan, a phone plan, and an installation date online at If you are a current customer looking to change your TWN Communications plan, you can call our Customer Care Team at 1-877-877-6861 or chat online by logging into your account on our Online Bill Pay system at Please note, only the primary account holder can make changes to a current plan.

How many email accounts do I get?

Each account comes with up to five email addresses. Additional emails can be purchased for a nominal fee.

Is there a fee to downgrade my plan?

Yes. There is a one-time fee to downgrade a plan. Please call for details.

Is there a service call fee?

Depends. If a service interruption is a result of a TWN Communications network issue, a service fee will not be charged. If a service call is requested by the customer in which the issue could have been resolved over the phone, a fee will be charged. Please call customer care for more information.

How do I access my TWN invoice online?

To view your statements, check balances and make payments, please visit: and select the option that reads “Login.” This will bring you to our online bill pay website. To access this website, you will need your account number without the -0001 at the end. You will also need the four-digit PIN assigned to your account. If you are unsure what that PIN is, please contact customer service via email or phone.

Once you are signed in, from your dashboard, click on view bill and the most recent copy of your invoice will appear.

How do I open my e-bill?

Your e-bill will be sent to the email address you have set up on your account profile inside of our Online Bill Pay system. Once you click open or download, you will be asked the password, which is set to the four-digit PIN assigned to the account. If you are unsure what your PIN is, please contact customer service at 877-877-6861.

How do I update my card information for autopay?

Currently, you need to register for and sign into our Online Bill Pay system. There you must turn Autopay off and then turn it back on with your new Autopay method.

Can I make a payment via email?

For your safety and security, we are unable to process a payment via email. For your convenience, you can make online payments via our Online Bill Pay system or in the My TWN smartphone app.

Can I change to paper billing?

Yes, paper billing is available for a nominal fee. You can set this up in our Online Bill Pay system or call our customer care team and they will assist.

I have a credit on my account that is now closed. What is the process to have this sent to me?

Please contact our customer service. You will want to include your account number, full name, and address of service. You will want to include that you are requesting a refund. Please allow six to eight weeks for the refund to be processed. If the credit is 6 months or older, there will be an abandoned credit fee.