About our Electric Cooperative Partner Program

Partnering with Co-ops for more than 25 years

Rural electric cooperatives were founded over 80 years ago with one simple mission – to bring electricity to areas that were underserved by the municipal provider.

TWN operates with a similar mission. For more than 20 years, we have partnered with electric cooperatives throughout the country to provide reliable, accessible broadband services, internet connectivity, digital phone and traditional phone services. We work hand-in-hand with electric cooperatives to bring these services to areas that are typically underserved by larger communication providers.

Is Your Cooperative Exploring a Fiber Broadband Solution?

TWN provides a unique approach to cooperative broadband deployment. We provide a true turnkey program for electric cooperatives that mitigates risk and removes the costly burden of network operations. TWN has built and operated broadband networks for over 20 years and will invest funds alongside our co-op partners. Our partnership ensures your network is designed, built, and operated with the highest standards.

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The TWN Approach

Learn how TWN works with electric cooperatives to help them provide broadband service to members.


Member Survey

We conduct a member survey to gauge member interest by asking questions about their current internet provider, what plans they are interested in and if they would like a broadband product option.

Feasibility Study

TWN will analyze the survey results and existing co-op knowledge of the territory, as well as examine the existing co-op infrastructure and member data. Then we will develop three build-out scenarios and provide three financial pro forma for evaluation.

Project Approval

We outline projected timelines by phase and costs as well as meet with co-op senior management to discuss the draft feasibility study prior to board review. We then present a high-level board recap and develop a contract.

Network Design & Build

TWN acts as the general contractor to the entire project from start to finish and teams up with valued partners to help engineer and build your broadband infrastructure.

Network Operations & Customer Experience

When it’s time to break ground, TWN will locate personnel in-market and provide daily project management during the construction phase. We will also provide marketing assistance, customer installation, and service calls when sections of your network are complete.

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