Planning on traveling this summer? Before you pack up and head out on a vacation, make sure you know how to stay cyber safe. Follow these tips for a stress-free summer travel season!

Travel lightly.
Limit the number of devices you take with you on your trip. The more laptops, tablets, and smartphones you take, the more risk you open yourself up to.

Back up your devices before you travel.
Make sure your files, contacts, photos, and more are stored on a physical device or the cloud before hitting the road just in case something happens. Better safe than sorry!

Update your software.
Keep your operating system and apps updated. Enable automatic updates when you can, so your devices will be protected against the latest threats.

Check your settings.
Check the privacy and security settings on web services and apps. You might want to change some features, like location tracking, when you are away from home.

Turn on the “find my phone” feature.
Whether your device is lost, stolen, or misplaced, this handy feature will allow you to locate your phone/tablet from afar. You can also remotely wipe data or disable the device if it gets into the wrong hands.

Avoid free Wi-Fi.
Public Wi-Fi is often unsecure. Instead, use a VPN or your phone as a hotspot when going online. Turn off your devices’ remote internet connectivity features while traveling.

Keep your devices locked and secure at all times.
Make sure your devices are password protected and use strong, unique log-in credentials. Never leave them unattended! You may even want to consider privacy screens in busy airports.

Stop auto-connecting.
Disable remote connectivity and Bluetooth when you’re away from home, so that you only connect to wireless and Bluetooth networks when you want to. If you do not need them, switch them off.

If you share computers, don’t share information.
Avoid public computers in hotel lobbies and cafes, especially for making online purchases or accessing your accounts. Avoid inputting credit card information or accessing financial accounts. If you do log into accounts, such as email, always click “logout” when you are finished.

Think before you post.
Be cautious about what you share on social media. Consider anything you publish to be public information. Wait until you return to post, unless you want everyone to know you’re not at home.

Keep your devices and data safe. Protect yourself, so you can make the most of the fun summer travel season!

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