More members are being added to the TWN fiber network daily as crews continue to expand the fiber footprint in HREMC’s service territory.

Fiber-to-the-home is now available in several areas across the region including Hopewell, Huntington, Lafayette, Lincolnville, Mt. Etna, Northwest Wabash, Rock Creek, Servia, Uniondale, and Wabash West.

Currently, over 5,000 HREMC members are now connected to the TWN network and are enjoying fast, reliable fiber internet.

Recently, crews closed out construction in Wabash West and Rock Creek. Crews are also slated to wrap up in Huntington by July 1.

If you’re in the Huntington area and haven’t signed up for service yet, now is the time to do so. Sign the Underground Agreement before July 1 and installation is free. After July 1, there will be a one-time line connection fee of $199* to provide service if you have not had your fiber line completed.

Crews also have expanded into a new area within the Servia zone: Northwest Wabash. Construction is well underway in the northernmost part of Servia, where crews have been busy building the fiber foundation. Fiber lines will be run to individual properties soon. If you live in the Northwest Wabash/northern Servia area, it’s important that you sign the Underground Agreement now to ensure crews prepare your property for service.

In other big news, construction is scheduled to begin in the Bippus area on June 1! Bippus members also are encouraged to sign the Underground Agreement.

Not sure when your neighborhood can expect construction to begin? Watch for postcards in the mail and listen for phone calls to know when fiber is coming. You can also monitor the status of construction on the progress map.

See what the fiber buzz is all about. Sign the Underground Agreement or sign up for service today!

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