Providing fast speeds and a reliable connection, TWN Fiber Internet delivers an exceptional internet experience that can support all your digital activities.

Getting connected requires minimal equipment. Nothing bulky. Nothing overcomplicated. Only a few key items are necessary to bring high-speed fiber internet to your home.

Here’s what you can expect:

Technically, your fiber line is a fiber-optic cable that serves as your direct connection to the larger fiber network. Fiber-optic cables are made of hundreds of small strands of glass core fibers. Light signals travel along these fibers to transmit large amounts of data at quick speeds.

Your fiber line will run from the street to your home and will be buried underground. You will have the opportunity to review the path of your fiber line and make adjustments before it is buried.

After your fiber line is buried, a specialized crew will place a small box, called a Network Interface Device or NID, on the outside of your home.

This small box is typically mounted near your electrical meter and holds the fiber connection. The NID links the fiber-optic cables provided by TWN to your home’s internal wiring, allowing your devices to access the internet seamlessly.

Additionally, the NID provides protection for fiber-optic connectors and splices from outside elements.

Once your NID has been placed outside, a technician will run a fiber cable inside your house and connect it to another small box located near your Wi-Fi router known as the Optical Network Terminal, or ONT.

The ONT is an integral part of the fiber system because it converts incoming high-speed optical signals into electrical signals that your internet, TV, and telephone can comprehend. 

The ONT also sends and receives infrared light pulses to TWN’s server to transmit data.

The last piece of equipment needed is a Wi-Fi router, which TWN will provide.

A router is a device that shares a single internet connection with multiple wired devices. It serves as a hub and firewall, sending information from the internet to computers, phones, and tablets. It also has a port dedicated to communicating with your ONT.

When a technician connects your ONT to your router, you officially have TWN Fiber Internet!

For the fastest, most reliable internet available, visit or call 833-727-5563 to sign up for service or to sign the Underground Agreement today!

*Services provided by TWN Communications. Not available in all areas. Restrictions, terms and conditions apply. Taxes, regulatory, surcharges and other charges are applicable. A one-time line connection fee of $199.00 may be applicable for internet service. This non-refundable fee will be applied after network construction has been completed in your area. Call for details or visit for additional information and terms and conditions of services. Residential customers on qualifying internet plans will receive download/upload speeds of 25.0 Mbps to 1.0 Gbps, per respective plan. A 30-day notice is required to cancel service.



  • Lori Miller says:

    Very interesting, thank you for explaining all of it.

  • Larry Smalley says:

    My box has been on the house a month ,we signed up at thanksgiving, that’s 3 months . I’m hoping the internet is quicker than the installers! Why didn’t my box get put close to electric supply as told ??

    • Brit Lawrence says:

      Hi Larry, I have been following your case closely with my customer care team and I’m happy to hear you are scheduled for your installation. We look forward to serving you!

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