Practicing good cyber safety is important for keeping you protected against cyber-attacks, scams, and hackers. Cybersecurity helps keep networks secure, your devices safe, and prevents your personal and confidential data from being accessed.

At TWN, we take cybersecurity seriously! We have many practices and procedures in place to protect both our internal network and our customers.

Dad and son on laptop and phoneWHAT DOES TWN DO TO KEEP YOU SAFE?

Our network features industry-leading infrastructure and best-in-class technology that is designed to prevent unwanted cyber-attacks.

We also have a skilled IT team that is committed to making sure our computer systems run smoothly and safely, so we can provide YOU with the best internet service possible.

Our dedicated IT team monitors the network 24/7 to detect any suspicious activity, take action against any threats, and keep you protected. Our Network Operation Center has alerts set up for any questionable traffic and has a plan in place for an intrusion or cyber-attack.

All data on our internal network is stored behind multiple layers of authentication and firewall technology. We also do regular testing to make sure our network is protected.

At TWN, we enforce the use of strong passwords and utilize 256-bit encryption for remote access to the internal network.

Additionally, we don’t store any user payment information onsite. This data is stored by one of the largest payment processors, a third-party vendor. This ensures that your personal information remains secure.

Woman on laptop with cyber security symbolsWHY SHOULD YOU CARE ABOUT CYBER SAFETY?

A cyber-attack, scam, or phishing email could end up costing you time and money.

According to Robin Purdes, our IT Infrastructure Manager, “If one hacker gets your information, they could ruin your life by emptying your bank accounts, destroying your credit, and taking up your time to deal with the issue. It can take years to recover from a single cyber-attack.”

What is Robin’s advice regarding cybersecurity?

  • Be cautious of all unsolicited emails, social media posts, etc. Remember, if you click it, you could become the next person to be victimized by a cyber-attack.
  • Never enter your credentials or banking account information into any emails or links from emails unless you know they are from a trusted source.
  • Never use the same password for all your personal accounts.

Take some extra time to evaluate your personal cybersecurity practices and rest assured that TWN is committed to keeping you safe!


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