The number of MEC members with access to TWN 100% fiber internet has reached over 17,000!

Construction is now fully complete in the Big Bend and Silver Creek areas. As construction nears completion in Airport, crews are also scheduled to finish mainline construction in two more areas within Fort Mohave.

With the network backbone in place, TWN technicians can turn their attention to running fiber lines to individual properties and connecting members.

What are the exact steps for bringing fiber-to-the-home?

  • Network Construction: Crews build the fiber backbone. This includes construction throughout your neighborhood but not on your property.
  • Pre-register For Fiber Service: This is the starting point for initiating fiber internet connectivity. It does not obligate you to sign up for service.
  • Member Site Survey: Crews visit your property to determine the path of the fiber drop to your home and the location of your Network Interface Device (NID). You will have the opportunity to change your fiber path if needed.
  • Fiber Line Bury: Crews arrive at your property to bury the fiber line to your home. This involves digging a very small and shallow path to house your fiber line. Digging is minimal and it is TWN’s intention to take the most efficient, least invasive route possible.
  • Outside Equipment Placement: A specialized crew returns to place a small box called a NID outside. This box holds the fiber connection.
  • Select Your Plan: TWN will contact you to schedule your indoor home installation and help you choose your internet plan.
  • Home Installation: A technician will run a fiber cable inside your house and complete the connection process.
  • Clean-Up and Restoration: Crews will return after all construction and installations are complete in your area to begin permanent improvements to roads, sidewalks, landscaping, etc. This may take 6 months to one year from the time crews first arrive.

When can you expect fast, reliable 100% fiber internet in your neighborhood?

Check out the progress map! We will also alert you about construction in your area via postcards, emails and phone calls.
Discover what the fiber buzz is all about! Pre-register today to ensure your property is prepared for fiber service when it becomes available. Call 888-227-2095, visit, or stop by TWN’s local storefront at 2020 Silver Creek Road #113D, Bullhead City, AZ 86442 to pre-register.
Stay tuned for more updates!

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