Halloween is almost here. Dressing up and sweet treats may be fun for kids, but Halloween often leaves parents feeling nervous. While the goal for trick-or-treaters may be to stockpile candy, safety is a top priority for parents.

Luckily, there are a few smartphone apps that have made it easier for kids to stay safe and for parents to have peace of mind.

Families can use the Nextdoor app to research and create a trick-or-treat plan. It features a Halloween Treat Map that allows neighbors to mark their homes if they plan to pass out candy. You can also check neighborhood rules.

Families can use navigation apps, such as Google Maps, prior to trick-or-treating to establish boundaries, set rules, and plot a route.

This app allows families to share real-time locations. Trick-or-treaters can send a Glympse to their parents to let them know where they are. Parents can also request a Glympse from their kids.

This is one of the most popular apps for tracking your kids. Parents can use Life360 to see their child’s location without having to ask. It also provides notifications when batteries are running low.

Put safety first without sacrificing any of the fun! Use these apps for a worry-free Halloween.

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