By now you’ve heard about fiber internet from TWN Communications. Why is it so special?

The gold standard in broadband services, TWN fiber internet uses glass core fibers and light signals to transmit data faster than other types of internet. It also features unlimited data, sustained and symmetrical speeds, and delivers superior reliability.

Currently, TWN Communications and Heartland REMC are working to bring dependable, high-speed fiber internet to HREMC’s service territory. As crews continue to work diligently to build the fiber network, more members have fiber-to-the-home than ever before. In fact, over 3,300 HRMEC members are now connected and taking advantage of TWN fiber internet!

This number will continue to climb as crews have wrapped up mainline network construction in the Servia area and are now running fiber lines to individual properties. In fact, the first members in Servia were recently connected!

Servia joins seven other zones already enjoying fast, reliable fiber internet: Lafayette, Lincolnville, Uniondale, Huntington, Hopewell, Mt. Etna, and Wabash West.

Construction is also now underway in the Rock Creek area!

Besides serving residential households, TWN also has connected several Hoosier businesses, providing custom enterprise solutions for companies of all sizes across multiple industries. TWN business customers can expect secure technology, 24/7 support, managed network services, and up to 99.999% network reliability.

Stay up-to-date with the details of the project on our progress map.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to sign the Underground Agreement so you can be fiber-ready!

What is the Underground Agreement?

The Underground Agreement serves as the starting point for initiating fiber internet connectivity. Signing it does not obligate you to purchase service, but rather gives TWN permission to visit your property to prepare your home for fiber internet in advance of network availability.

Are you ready to take your internet experience to the next level? Sign the Underground Agreement today at or by calling 833-727-5563.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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