Fiber internet is the gold standard in broadband service and it’s easy to see why. TWN’s fiber internet provides fast speeds, unlimited data, and a reliable, secure connection. But did you know that it offers symmetrical speeds too?

One of the distinguishing factors that sets fiber apart from other types of internet, symmetrical speeds are widely underrated. This may be because it’s not well understood.


Symmetrical speeds mean that your download speed and upload speed are equal. For example, if you have a 200 Mbps internet plan, your download rate is 200 Mbps and so is your upload rate.

Upload speed is how quickly you can share something on the internet, while download speed is how quickly you can access content on the internet.

Fiber broadband can offer symmetrical speeds because it has a much larger capacity to deliver data compared to cable, satellite, or DSL.


Does it take forever for your photos and files to upload? Have you struggled through a glitchy video meeting? It’s probably due to slow upload speeds.

Most internet providers don’t talk about upload speed, which is often significantly slower than download speed in their packaged plans. With TWN fiber internet, you get the same speed in both directions!

While a lot of online activities, such as streaming TV and browsing the internet, rely on download speed, having fast upload speed is critical for remote work, virtual education, and powering your home security system.

With symmetrical speeds, downloading and uploading can occur almost instantly…and simultaneously.

This means you can upload large files for work, while someone else streams a movie or games in the other room. If your speeds were asymmetrical, it would be difficult to complete these tasks at the same time.

In general, symmetrical speeds provide an overall better internet experience. Fiber broadband with symmetrical speeds can support the demand for bandwidth and provide reliable connectivity, so you can stream, search, and work seamlessly.

Now that you know the benefits of symmetrical speeds, it’s easy to see that TWN fiber internet is the clear choice!

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