Rising summer temperatures haven’t slowed down construction, as crews continue working steadily toward their goal of bringing fast, reliable fiber internet to all MEC members.
Currently, nearly 14,000 MEC members have access to 100% fiber internet from TWN!
Recently, major strides have been made in the Airport and Fort Mohave areas as several T2 hubs have been added to the network.
T2 hubs are weatherproof enclosures that connect fiber-optic cables and passive optical splitters. They serve as an integral part of the fiber network foundation, allowing greater fiber distribution and reach.
The addition of new T2 hubs means that more MEC members in these areas have access to high-speed fiber internet than ever before.
While crews inch closer to finishing out the Airport area, connections have just begun in Fort Mohave.
Four T2 hubs have been released in Fort Mohave, with a few more estimated to be completed within the next month. Crews continue to brave the extreme heat, moving through the Fort Mohave area as scheduled.
We are excited to announce that the first members in Fort Mohave have recently been connected, with many more installations scheduled in the upcoming weeks.
Fort Mohave joins three other areas currently offering fiber-to-the-home: Airport, Big Bend and Silver Creek.
As the fiber network continues to grow, new fiber-ready areas are coming soon. Watch for postcards in the mail and listen for phone calls to know when you can expect construction in your neighborhood.
If you haven’t already, NOW is the time to take the first step toward fast, reliable fiber internet. Visit twncomm.com/mohave or call 888-227-2095 to pre-register today, so TWN knows to prepare your home for fiber service.
Stay tuned for more updates!

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