For areas with limited internet access, fiber broadband can be a game changer. That’s why Mohave Electric Cooperative and TWN Communications have partnered to bring reliable, high-speed fiber internet to MEC’s service territory.

TWN’s 100% fiber internet provides affordable connectivity with speeds up to 1 Gbps* for residential customers. Not only does it feature unlimited data and secure technology, but there is also plenty of bandwidth to power multiple devices with no buffering or lagging.

As the fiber project moves forward, crews continue to work diligently to bring fiber service across the area. Currently, fiber internet is available in several communities, with more homes and businesses being added to the network daily.

Not sure when you can expect fiber service? Monitor the status of your neighborhood on our progress map**!

How to use the progress map:

  • Visit
  • Scroll down and click on the map. You will be redirected to a different webpage with a larger view.
  • Look for your zone on the map. If you don’t know what your zone is, type your address in the search bar at the top.

When viewing the progress map, your zone will be one of two colors:

Green – This means you are fiber-ready. “Fiber-ready” designates that TWN crews have completed construction on the network backbone and are now running fiber lines to individual properties. If you’re in a green zone, it means that homes and businesses are currently being connected in your area and your home or business is ready to sign up for service.

Blue – This means that your zone will receive fiber service in the future, anywhere from one to six months. Pre-register to be notified when service is ready.

If you type in your address and it is not located in a green or blue zone and you are an MEC member, it means we have not started building in your area yet. We will begin construction in your area within the next two years.

Regardless of your zone’s status, it’s important that you pre-register for fiber service if you haven’t already. Pre-registering lets TWN know to keep you informed and ensures that you will be among the first in your area to be connected. It also ensures that your property is prepared in advance for fiber internet service and gives you more control over the location of your fiber line. When you pre-register, there is no commitment or obligation to purchase.

Take your internet experience to the next level! Visit or call 888-227-2095 to pre-register today.

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