The 100% fiber network continues to grow as over 11,500 MEC members now have access to reliable, high-speed 100% fiber internet from TWN. This record milestone comes as crews ramp up construction in the Fort Mohave area, rapidly expanding the network further into MEC’s service territory.

Recently, crews finished building the fiber backbone in Fort Mohave. Now that the network distribution fiber is complete, crews will begin running individual fiber lines to homes and businesses. Residents can expect to be connected to the network soon!

Fort Mohave will join three other areas that already have TWN fiber service: Big Bend, Silver Creek, and Airport.

Not sure when you can expect fiber service? Monitor your neighborhood on the progress map.

If you haven’t already, visit or call 888-227-2095 to pre-register today to ensure your property is fiber-ready when broadband services are available.

Stay tuned for updates!

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