In today’s world, being connected matters. Between remote work, e-learning, tv streaming, and telehealth, having reliable internet service is important.

100% fiber internet from TWN Communications is the gold standard in broadband service. Not only does it provide unlimited data and consistently fast speeds, but it also delivers a dependable and secure connection you can count on.


Why TWN Fiber Internet?
  • Unlimited data (no data caps or overage charges)
  • Fast, high-speed 100% fiber internet
  • Residential speeds from 25* Mbps to 1* Gbps
  • Custom business solutions
  • Symmetrical download and upload speeds
  • Sustained speeds (no throttling or buffering)
  • No term commitments
  • Affordable plans (starting at only $49.95* per month)
  • 24/7 customer support

Which Plan Should You Choose?

Whether you’re a light-surfing consumer or a fully connected household, TWN has a plan for you. Not sure how much speed you need? Learn more about our residential plans below and find the perfect fit!

Fiber 25* Mbps:

Fiber 25 is best for small households or individuals who use the internet for the basics. Featuring 25 Mbps of download and upload speed, this plan is good for checking emails, online shopping, web and social media browsing, music and podcast streaming, as well as for single device HD video streaming up to 720p.

Fiber 50* Mbps:

Fiber 50 features 50 Mbps of download and upload speed, which means that multiple users can get in on the action. A great option for those who work from home or small families, this plan includes everything in Fiber 25, plus videoconferencing capabilities and multi-device HD quality video streaming up to 1080p.

Fiber 100* Mbps: 

Fiber 100 is a good place to start for gamers or if you have several smart home devices. This plan’s 100 Mbps of download and upload speed allows for single-user 4K video streaming, smart home connectivity, online gaming, and seamless video conferencing for remote workers or students.

Fiber 400* Mbps: 

With 400 Mbps of download and upload speed, Fiber 400 can easily support multi-device 4K video streaming, 4K online gaming, HD video conferencing, up to four HD security cameras, and all the other smart devices in your connected home.

Fiber 1* Gbps: 

The fastest plan available, Fiber 1 Gbps comes with 1 Gbps of download and upload speed, which makes multiple 4K video streaming, downloading HD videos, live streaming, and optimal gaming possible. Choose Fiber 1 Gbps for the ultimate internet experience!

TWN also can provide even greater speeds for businesses. Besides serving residential households, TWN offers custom enterprise solutions for companies of all sizes. With our secure technology, 24/7 support, managed network services, and 99.999% network reliability, you can trust us to keep your business connected.

Want fast, reliable fiber internet and a service plan that’s right for you?

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