The TWN and MEC fiber network is growing with more homes and businesses connected daily. Over 9,000 members have access to 100% fiber internet!

Construction is underway in Fort Mohave. Currently, crews are building the network backbone and laying distribution fiber. Once the foundation is complete, crews will be able to turn their attention to fiber drops for individual properties.

Currently, well over 1,500 members in Big Bend, Silver Creek, and Airport areas are connected and enjoying reliable, high-speed fiber internet from TWN.

MEC and TWN personnel have installed millions of feet of fiber so far. We provided fiber connectivity to residential households and are serving many local businesses, schools, and government entities.

Before an area is “fiber-ready”, multiple steps must be completed. These steps fall into two major phases:

Phase 1 – Network Construction: This includes designing and engineering the layout of the fiber network, as well as constructing the network backbone by installing T4 fiber lines to connect Optical Distribution Networks. Crews then run aerial and underground fiber lines to nearby fiber huts.

Phase 2 – Connection Process: Once network construction is complete and you have pre-registered, crews will begin bringing fiber to individual homes and businesses. Your property will be surveyed to determine the best route for your fiber line and where your outside equipment should be placed. You’ll have the chance to change your fiber path if needed.

Throughout the network construction and connection process, please note that temporary fixes are not permanent fixes*. Crews will return after all construction and installations are complete in your area to begin permanent improvements to roads, sidewalks, landscaping, etc. Rest assured, your property and the surrounding area will be restored to its original state. This may take 6 months to one year from the time crews first arrive.

As the project moves forward, more areas will continue to be added to the network. Not sure when you can expect fiber service? Monitor your neighborhood on the progress map.

If you haven’t already, pre-register today to ensure your property is fiber-ready when broadband services are available.

Visit to learn more and stay tuned for updates!

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