By now you’ve heard about fiber internet from TWN Communications. Why is it so special?

The gold standard in broadband services, TWN fiber internet uses glass core fibers and light signals to transmit data faster than other types of internet. It also features unlimited data, sustained and symmetrical speeds, and delivers superior reliability.

Currently, MEC and TWN have partnered to bring dependable, high-speed fiber internet to all MEC members. As crews continue to work diligently to build the 100% fiber network, more members have access to fiber connectivity than ever before. In fact, over 9,000 MEC members now have access to TWN fiber internet!

This number will continue to climb as crews have recently ramped up construction in a new area. Construction is now underway in the Camp Mohave area in Fort Mohave. Currently, crews are busy building the network backbone, including completing new T2 hubs this month. T2 hubs are weatherproof enclosures that connect fiber optic cables and passive optical splitters. They serve as an integral part of the fiber network foundation, allowing greater fiber distribution and reach.

While network construction has begun in the Camp Mohave area, three other areas in Bullhead City are already enjoying 100% fiber internet, digital phone, and streaming TV services from TWN. Over 1,700 members in Big Bend, Silver Creek, and Airport are currently connected!

Additionally, TWN and MEC have recently connected several new businesses. Besides serving residential households, TWN offers custom enterprise solutions for companies of all sizes and in all industries. Business customers can expect secure technology, 24/7 support, managed network services, and up to 99.999% network reliability.

Throughout the network construction and connection process, please note that temporary fixes are not permanent fixes*. Crews will return after all construction and installations are complete in your area to begin permanent improvements to roads, sidewalks, landscaping, etc. Rest assured, your property and the surrounding area will be restored to its original state. This may take 6 months to one year from the time crews first arrive.

As we rapidly expand the fiber network, now is the time to take the first step toward fast, reliable fiber internet. Visit to pre-register today, so TWN knows to prepare your home for fiber service.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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