Before you can enjoy reliable, high-speed fiber internet from TWN, our crews must complete several steps to make sure your property is fiber-ready.

After building the network foundation and fiber backbone in your zone, TWN crews will begin to work in different areas to install fiber drops to homes and businesses. Basically, this is where fiber lines are run to individual properties so your fiber connection can be established.

During this process, it’s important that you pre-register for fiber early! Pre-registering does not obligate you to sign up for service but rather gives TWN permission to visit your property to prepare your home for service in advance of network availability.

You can pre-register at or by calling 888-227-2095 today.

Member Site Survey

After you have expressed your interest in fiber internet by pre-registering, a member of the TWN Customer Care Team will contact you to schedule a site survey.

During this step, field crews will visit your property to determine the optimal route for your fiber line and where your outside equipment should be placed.

Should crews decide that it’s best to bury your fiber line, it is TWN’s intention to avoid digging through your driveway or flower beds. The goal is to take the most efficient, least invasive route possible.

After crews determine your fiber path, it’s your job to review the proposed path before any digging begins. It is important at this stage to make sure the route doesn’t interfere with any buried lines or equipment in your yard.

When crews bury your fiber line, they will be digging a small, shallow trench only deep enough to bury the line. Even though micro-trenching is relatively surface level, it is still critical that TWN knows where your underground structures and utility lines are located prior to digging. This helps us avoid any issues when burying your fiber line.

Please note that temporary fixes are not permanent fixes, and construction crews will return multiple times after digging to restore your property to its original state*. Be sure to take photos of the landscaping prior to any digging to ensure that it is brought back to its original condition.

Out of Sight, But Not Out of Mind

Not sure what’s hiding beneath your yard? Call 811!

811 is the national call-before-you-dig phone number. If you have plans to dig, you can call 811 or visit Arizona’s 811 website to request that someone comes to your home to mark the location of buried utilities with paint or flags.

While 811 is responsible for marking buried public utilities, it’s up to you to let TWN know about any other buried structures that are not public knowledge. Such structures may include wells, underground pet fencing, security systems, cellars, sprinkler systems, etc.

If you notice that TWN’s fiber route interferes with anything underground on your property, please call 888-227-2095 immediately so the path can be adjusted.

After fiber path confirmation, the connection process will continue, including the fiber line bury, outside equipment placement, and finally, inside installation. Once all these steps are completed, then you will officially be connected and able to enjoy fast, 100% fiber internet from TWN!

If you haven’t already, now is the time to kick off the connection process. Call 888-227-2095 or visit to pre-register today.

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