Whether it’s because of a storm or a downed line, it is never good when the power goes out. While some of your favorite digital activities like streaming TV may be disrupted when there is no power, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your internet isn’t working. In fact, you may still be able to use your internet even when the power is out!

No Power vs. No Internet

TWN’s fiber internet transmits data using pulses of light that travel across fiber-optic cables. Because of its structure, fiber internet is less likely to be affected by outages caused by weather.

Fiber internet doesn’t run through electricity or your electric lines. As long as the fiber cable is intact and hasn’t experienced any physical damage, your internet connection should continue to work when there is a power outage*.

However, several other factors also impact your connectivity during an outage. While TWN has backup measures in place to keep fiber substations running, your internet connection may be affected if network equipment is damaged or if power stops flowing to substations or huts.

Essential Step to Stay Connected

If you are still connected to the fiber network during an outage, there is an important step to take to ensure that you can use your internet.

For your internet to function properly, your router, ONT (optical network terminal), and any devices you want to use must all be connected to a power source, or in the case of laptops, have a charged battery. During an outage, this is usually a battery backup, also known as an uninterruptable power supply (UPS).  All your devices must be charged and turned on. Also, your internet will only continue to work off your battery backup while it is still charged. Run time varies depending on the usage and capacity of the unit.

If you need to use your internet for a short amount of time, you can turn on the personal hotspot on your phone. In this case, you will be disconnected from the TWN internet service and be using your phone carrier (T-mobile, AT&T, etc). Remember, there are data limits with many phone carriers and streaming video can use it up quickly. Many phone carriers also charge heavy fees for exceeding data limits. However, this will only work for as long as your phone stays charged.

Another way to ensure you don’t lose fiber connectivity is to power your home using a generator, if available. Click here for outage preparedness and generator dos and don’ts.

What To Do When the Power Comes On

Once the outage is over and power is restored, follow these steps to ensure that you’re connected to the network and your fiber internet is working correctly:

  • Make sure your router is on by checking the signal.
  • Try restarting your router if it appears to be off.
  • Call TWN for help if you have trouble reconnecting. 1-877-877-6861, Option 4.

You may still be able to use your internet when there is a power outage. Be prepared and know what to do, so you can stay connected!


*Services provided by TWN Communications. Not available in all areas. Restrictions, terms and conditions apply. Learn more at twncomm.com/terms-conditions. Taxes, regulatory, surcharges and other charges are applicable. Service continuation is not guaranteed during a power outage. Internet availability and speed may vary depending on your battery back-up/UPS device. Other factors may affect power outages and your internet connectivity. Customers on qualifying internet plans will receive download/upload speeds of 25.0 Mbps to 1.0 Gbps, per respective plan. A 30-day notice is required to cancel service. Unlimited usage subject to “fair and normal” usage limitations as described in terms and conditions. There is no obligation or commitment to pre-register.

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