For areas where broadband capabilities are limited, seamlessly using the internet can be a struggle. That’s where TWN Communications and Mohave Electric Cooperative come in!

Currently, TWN and MEC have partnered to bring fiber internet to your front door.

Why should you choose TWN Communications? Because TWN is more than just an internet provider. TWN is your partner!

Not only does TWN offer exceptional broadband services and unbeatable customer care, TWN truly cares about you and our community.


A Company That Connects

TWN’s cutting-edge technology and flexible network design means it can integrate fiber internet service seamlessly, reach hard to serve areas easily, and connect you cost-effectively.

From e-learning and remote work to watching shows and online gaming, TWN has a variety of plans available to meet your needs. You can even bundle your fiber internet with TWN’s digital phone and streaming TV services too.

With speeds up to 1 Gbps* for residential service and unlimited data, you can count on fiber broadband from TWN to be fast, dependable, and secure.

Whether you are a light-surfing consumer or complex business needing a custom solution, TWN has you covered.


A Company That Cares

Besides providing top-notch broadband services, TWN operates on four guiding principles: trust, reliability, commitment, and community.

TRUST: TWN has long-term, proven partnerships in the electric cooperative industry. Cooperatives across the nation trust TWN to deliver enhanced services to their members and their communities. TWN’s service is reliable, its reputation is honorable, and its dependability is undeniable.

RELIABILITY: TWN strives to ensure its fiber network is always on and always available. TWN’s network has built-in redundancy, or alternate paths for data to travel. This creates a consistent connection without service interruptions. TWN also has a dedicated customer care team available 24/7 to assist with questions or troubleshoot any issues.

COMMITMENT: For more than 20 years, TWN has been guided by a single mission…work alongside electric cooperatives to bring the BEST broadband services possible to the most underserved areas. TWN’s goal is to provide co-op members like you with access to reliable fiber internet regardless of your location.

COMMUNITY: TWN understands the importance of being connected and is committed to giving back to the communities in its service areas. Besides hiring local service technicians and creating jobs in our community, TWN regularly attends local events so you can get to know the company on a more personal level.

TWN goes above and beyond to provide you with fast, reliable fiber internet. Discover the TWN difference for yourself!

If you haven’t already, pre-register today to ensure your property is fiber-ready when broadband services are available.

To learn more about high-speed fiber internet from TWN, call 888-227-2095, visit, or stop by TWN’s local storefront at 2020 Silver Creek Road #113D, Bullhead City, AZ 86442.


*Services provided by TWN Communications. Not available in all areas. Restrictions, terms, and conditions apply. Learn more at Taxes, regulatory, surcharges and other charges are applicable. Internet service: Residential customers on qualifying internet plans will receive download/upload speeds of 25.0 Mbps to 1.0 Gbps, per respective plan. A 30-day notice is required to cancel service. Unlimited usage subject to “fair and normal” usage limitations as described in terms and conditions. There is no obligation or commitment to pre-register.

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