New Tech Gifts? No Problem!

Can your internet keep up with your new holiday tech gifts?

More gadgets and devices mean you will be using more bandwidth than ever before. Upgrade your TWN plan today, so you have the speed and bandwidth you need to enjoy your new holiday gifts all year long.

Make 2023 the year that you take your internet experience to the next level. Upgrade now!


Apps For Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions

New year, new you! Sticking to your New Year’s resolutions can be hard. Stay focused and motivated in 2023 with help from these apps.


  • Todoist or Google Keep – Get more done in 2023! Manage tasks, schedules, and to-do lists so you can stay organized in the new year.


  • MyFitnessPal – Track what you eat to help support a healthy lifestyle. This app also includes workouts, recipes, and a way to monitor your water intake.


  • Nike Training Club – Get fit and stay fit in the new year. Choose from hundreds of workouts based on your fitness goals. The app also includes goal-setting tools and new content daily.

Habit Tracking:

  • Grow – Build long-lasting habits using this straightforward, automatic habit tracker. Achieve all your goals to win a perfect day medal.


  • Calm or Headspace – Find your Zen in 2023! Stress less, focus more, and sleep better with help from these apps. Learn to be more mindful for a healthier, happier you!


  • Mint – Manage your money, budget, and credit. Use this app to track your spending, help meet financial goals, and improve your overall financial health.

All apps are available in the Apple Store or on Google Play.

Make Life Simpler in 2023

Life is busy. Make it simpler in 2023 with online bill pay!

Designed to make your life easier, TWN’s online bill pay is a worry-free way to stay connected. With TWN’s online bill pay, you can view statements, pay your current bill, and automate future payments.

Paying online is easy, convenient, and secure. Plus, online bill pay can save you money when you choose autopay! All you need to do is create an online account and you will receive a $2* discount on your monthly bill when you enroll in autopay.

Less stress. More convenience. Switch to online bill pay today!

Internet Terms You Need to Know

This month, we’re adding three more terms to your internet glossary, so you can stay in the know when it comes to broadband lingo!

Bandwidth – The maximum amount of data transmitted over a network within a specific amount of time. Basically, it’s how much information you can receive every second, and is typically measured in Mbps. More bandwidth equals better performance!

Cookie – A small piece of data that a website stores on your device. When you revisit the website, your browser sends the information back to the site. Usually, a cookie allows the site to display selected settings and targeted content.

Redundancy – A process in which additional or alternate network devices, equipment, and communication mediums are installed within the network infrastructure to provide network availability. This ensures there is another pathway data can travel should the main connection go down or get interrupted.

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