After a hot summer, fall’s cooler temperatures and colorful leaves are a welcome change for crews building the fiber network.

Despite summer’s extreme weather, crews made major strides in connecting the Heartland and continue to make notable progress into the fall season.

Currently, TWN’s unlimited, high-speed internet is available in six zones in Heartland REMC’s service territory!

Construction is nearing completion in Lafayette, Lincolnville, and Uniondale and is in full swing in Huntington, Mt. Etna and Hopewell, with Wabash West coming soon.

Not only do members in these areas have access to a fast, reliable internet connection, but they also can call and stream with ease thanks to TWN’s digital phone and TV streaming services.

TWN’s fiber plans provide affordable connectivity with speeds up to 1 Gbps* for residential customers. There is plenty of bandwidth and speed to power multiple devices with no buffering or lagging.

To date, nearly 550 members in Lafayette, 750 members in Lincolnville, and over 650 members in Uniondale are connected as construction is nearing the final stages.

Meanwhile, in Huntington, nearly 450 members now have fiber-to-the-home. Over 150 members in Mt. Etna and over 100 members in Hopewell are now enjoying high-speed fiber connectivity as well.

Construction is also underway in Wabash West where crews are busy working above and below ground to build the fiber backbone.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get the speed you need to fuel your digital lifestyle!

If you haven’t already, sign the Underground Agreement to ensure your property is fiber-ready when broadband services are available.

Learn more at and stay tuned for updates!


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