Heard the phrase cutting the cord, but not exactly sure what it means or if it’s right for you?



Cutting the cord refers to “cutting” yourself loose from expensive cable subscriptions and switching to online TV streaming services instead.

Not only is TV streaming more budget-friendly, but it also frees you from long-term contracts and fixed programming lineups. With online streaming services, your favorite shows, movies, and live sports are sent to your TV in real time via the internet.

Most people are unsure about cutting the cord because they are afraid they will lose local channels. Between HD antennas and free online network streaming, you can still access local news, sports, and programming.

While many networks offer free content, some may require a login. As long as you don’t mind watching the next episode of your show a day late, you will still be able to enjoy the entertainment you love without cable.


To officially cut the cord, all you need is high-speed internet and a compatible streaming device.

The biggest requirement for successful streaming is fast, reliable internet. Without it, you’re likely to experience buffering or poor video quality. TWN’s unlimited, high-speed internet will provide you with plenty of speed and bandwidth for optimal streaming. Find the plan that’s right for your household based on how much you plan to stream and on how many devices.

Once you are all set with your internet, you need a compatible streaming device, such as a Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast, or Apple TV. If you have a smart TV, you can stream without needing a separate device by downloading the streaming service from the app library on your TV.


The last step before you can cut the cord is to choose your content. Not sure where to begin? Let TWN help you pick out your best streaming options. Use TWN’s streaming solution to create a customized package based on your viewing preferences.

Our streaming service makes streaming easy by rounding up the different streaming platforms that fit your needs, eliminating the work for you and ensuring you have access to the content you actually want to watch.

Once you find the bundle that is right for your household, sign up for each service and start streaming!


Cutting the cord doesn’t have to be confusing. Actually, it’s quite simple.

3 Easy Steps to Start Streaming:

Stop paying for channels you don’t watch. Save money and your freedom. Cut the cord today!


  • Connie says:

    How much does it cost to stream?

  • Mary Jo Small says:

    I have your internet service. I want to cut the cord with Suddenlink. I’m very interested in your service

    • Brit Lawrence says:

      Hello Mary Jo, thank you for reaching out. We’re delighted to hear about your interest in TWN. To get more information about how to cut the cord and switch to TWN, please give us a call at your convenience at 1-877-877-6861, Option 1 or send an email expressing your interest to customersvc@twncorp.com and be sure to include the best phone number at which to reach you. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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