While it may seem like a daunting task, switching internet providers doesn’t have to be a headache. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be enjoying fast, reliable internet from TWN in no time!

Ask Your Current Provider About Canceling

Once you’ve determined it’s time to switch internet providers, reach out to your current provider to ask about canceling service. Before you stop your current internet plan or sign up for a new one, it’s important to know if you’re locked into a contract or will face early termination fees.

Sign Up with Your New Provider

Do some research to decide on which provider is the best fit for your household. Consider factors such as speed, reliability, affordability, data limits, and security. Once you have chosen your new provider, select the plan you want and sign up. Most providers make it easy to sign up online, including TWN! Find the perfect plan for your household here.

Schedule the Switch

Part of the sign-up process will be selecting an installation date. Coordinate a date and time with your new provider to install your equipment and officially connect you to the network.

Cancel Your Current Service

Once you have your installation details, it’s safe to cancel with your current provider. For most internet companies, this requires a phone call. Ask to schedule the cancellation as close to the new service installation date as possible (or if moving, whenever your move-out date is). This is also a great opportunity to ask about returning equipment.

Return Any Rental Equipment

It is your responsibility to return any equipment borrowed from your current internet provider or you could face a fee. Depending on your provider, you will probably have to return the equipment to a brick-and-mortar location, mail in the equipment, or schedule a tech to pick it up.

Switching internet providers should be a painless process. With a little planning, it’s the perfect opportunity to upgrade your internet experience.

Are you ready for a change? Want or need a better connection? Switch to high-speed internet from TWN today!

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