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Heartland REMC Installs the Third Fiber Shelter

We’re continuing to make progress and have installed our third fiber shelter! The secured building will house the equipment needed to support the fiber network in the Lafayette CO Zone.
Thanks to you, the Heartland REMC and TWN crews are hard at work to bring broadband to your community. To see how your zone is progressing with sign-ups, please visit and click on “Zones” at the top. Please note: your zone does not need to reach 100% for us to start deploying. But, the zones with greater percentages will help drive the project build.
As we continue to build out the high-speed internet system, all of our crews are practicing safe social distancing and working in small groups to follow CDC recommendations. This will be evaluated regularly to ensure the safety of our crews.
Share these updates with your neighbors and encourage them to Join the List !


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