Are you seeing construction crews in your area? Feeling the hype and getting excited for Fiber Internet to reach your neighborhood? And, wondering what does this process really look like?

We have been getting a lot of questions, so we want to provide some answers that pertain to getting your home or business ready for service.

The first part of the fiber phase is to get the core network set up. Construction crews have been working throughout Heartland REMC’s service area to get this important infrastructure in place.

The next part is to start building out each of the individual zones. These are larger areas with several hundred households. Our first zone has included most of the Lafayette substation members, where we are currently working. We are only working in the Lafayette Zone at this time. To see what zone you are located in, please visit As we reach individual neighborhoods, greater efforts will be made to contact you and request your approval of a homeowner underground agreement. This agreement allows our construction crews to mark a fiber path on your property. It is our best intention to avoid digging through your driveway or to go through your flower plantings. Our goal is to take the most efficient, least invasive route, often the same course as your electric path. You will have the opportunity to view the actual markings before the crews begin digging and make any changes.

Once you approve the underground agreement, this will signal that you have agreed to have one of our construction crews mark a fiber path on your property. When the path has been marked, you will be given about 48 hours to respond if you have any concerns or changes. If we do not hear from you within that timeframe, our crews will begin to lay the fiber and apply the equipment drop to your home. From there, the TransWorld Network (TWN) team will calibrate and verify service connection. This will confirm your home is fiber-ready, but it does not complete the installation.

Once internal testing has been completed, your location will be released to our Sales and Marketing team and you will be eligible to sign-up for fiber internet service. At that time, we will begin communication efforts to see if you are ready to switch to TWN-Heartland’s Fiber Internet service. If you choose to switch, we will have you pick your plan and schedule a technician to come out to your residence to complete the installation.

We are very excited to be bringing fiber connectivity to your community and are working diligently to get to your home as quickly as possible.

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