Fiber installation in the Heartland REMC region is moving along! Crews have been enduring the summertime heat to build out the fiber network and get members connected…and they are making major strides!

As of now, construction in the Lafayette Zone is almost complete. Of the over 600 households that signed an Underground Agreement, only a handful remain on this list to have their dedicated fiber line installed.

Meanwhile, crews have begun connecting members in the Lincolnville and Uniondale Zones. While construction is just beginning in Uniondale, the Lincolnville build is much further along. In fact, over 800 homes in the Lincolnville area have expressed interest in fiber internet and signed the Underground Agreement.

In the Huntington and Hopewell Zones, the majority of work being done currently is in the air. Over 80% of the aerial main line fiber has been completed in Huntington and over 70% has been completed in Hopewell. Once this is finished, attention can be turned to the next phase of the build, as these zones get one step closer to getting members connected to Internet service.

Fiber is more than coming to the Heartland REMC region…it’s already here! It’s not too late to take the first step toward the best in broadband. Fill out an Underground Agreement today!

This gives our crews permission to visit your property and mark the fiber path to your home. From there, you can approve or adjust the pathway, as well as decline further service if you’re no longer interested.

Stay tuned for additional updates and watch your inbox for more information!

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