Where We Are and Where We Are Going

2020 quickly became a time in history we will never forget. A year full of challenges, hardships and loss for many. We learned quickly how to adapt and be flexible. That is true for our fiber broadband initiative, as well. In March of 2020, many families moved to e-learning and working from home, and they quickly felt the need for better internet service. Gratefully, Heartland REMC, with the help of TWN Communications, had already been working to bring greater broadband solutions. This unprecedented customer demand for high-speed reliable broadband internet confirmed the fact that we need to move more quickly to bring services to the Heartland REMC members. That has been our commitment ever since. We have made great strides to increase construction crews and bring on more resources to shorten the original 5-year timeline to get this service to all Heartland REMC members.

COVID-19 created many delays due to product shortages, manufacturing restructuring, shut-downs, personnel illness and/or exposure, and extra safety precautions that needed to be implemented. Even with all these challenges, we achieved great success and have made excellent progress. Here are the results from 2020.

Over 1,400,000 feet (270 miles) of fiber has been completed in Heartland REMC’s service area. 490,000 feet (92 miles) is currently built out in the central ring that runs through each zone, connecting the main hubs. Over 580,000 feet (110 miles) has been completed in the Lafayette CO (Tri-county area east of Roanoke), which is the first zone receiving service. This fiber passes over 350 members’ homes, allowing us to connect almost 200 members, so far.

We are currently laying the groundwork in both the Lincolnville (Salamonie Reservoir area south of Lagro) and Uniondale (northwest Wells county) CO’s. Cumulatively, we have over 490,000 feet (92 miles) of fiber that has been built in these areas and soon will start reaching the members.

We know many of you are excited to sign up and we are planning to provide more details soon, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, share this with your neighbors and make sure they have pre-registered to get on the list. This will allow them to stay in the know via email when service is available in your area.

We appreciate your excitement and patience as we steadily work to bring this service to you.

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