MEC Has Fiber in the Air!

MEC and contract crews have been steadily working to stay on track with the Fiber/Broadband construction plans.

 – Construction of the fiber network backbone began on December 1st, 2020 and to date crews have hung over 17,000 feet of fiber-optic line. Crews continue to complete make-ready work to ensure the project continues at a steady pace. “We have completed the planning and numerous steps to get us to this point with the fiber infrastructure now being installed. This is what our members have been waiting for, and we are pleased to reach this milestone with the first phase of member connections to follow the buildout of the backbone,” said Tyler Carlson, CEO of MEC.

Every day we are steps closer to providing members with symmetrical and reliable internet. MEC’s fiber buildout will supply TWN Communications the ability to provide reliable internet that our members might not have seen before from other providers in MEC’s service territory. We want all of our members to know that the fiber is on its way. Construction of such a large communication project is time-consuming but please know we are working hard every day to supply these enhancements to every member before 2026. This project has a 5-year buildout that benefits many aspects of our electrical system while supplying reliable internet service that all of our members will benefit from.

Benefits to our electrical system will include real-time meter reads, faster outage notifications, and many more advancements that will ease the lives of our members.

You can help us identify the areas of member interest more quickly by telling your friends and neighbors to pre-register at or call 928-763-1100, option 0.

 We appreciate your enthusiasm and patience as we continue to move forward.

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