New Year, New Construction:
A Fiber Update from the Field

So far, the new year has brought with it big progress in the Heartland. Construction crews have been braving the winter weather to bring fast, reliable fiber internet to more Hoosier households.

Currently, three zones in the region are fiber-ready: Lafayette, Lincolnville, and Uniondale.

What does fiber-ready mean? It means that members are officially connected and enjoying all the benefits of TWN’s top-notch fiber service!

While some aerial lines have yet to be hung, there are already over 500 installed subscribers in the Lafayette zone.



In Lincolnville, over 600 households are connected to TWN fiber internet, with more underground fiber lines being ran every day.

Major strides have also been made in Uniondale over the past few months, as nearly all underground and aerial lines are now complete. Currently, over 300 members have fiber in their homes.

Huntington is very close to being fiber-ready, as crews have been busy running fiber to the home. TWN will begin the process of getting customers connected as soon as the cold weather cooperates.

Construction is underway in both the Mt. Etna and Hopewell zones as crews begin the build-out process. The plan is to dial in on these zones, with the goal of connecting households by the end of the summer.

Hang tight Bippus, Buckeye, Kinnerk, Jefferson, Liberty, Redbridge, Servia, and Wabash West. While construction may not have started in your zone yet, TWN is coming for you!

If you haven’t already, now is the time to take the first step toward the fastest, most reliable internet in town. Sign the Underground Agreement today.

Visit or call 888-704-7000 to get started.

*Services provided by TWN Communications. Not available in all areas. Restrictions, terms, and conditions apply. Taxes, regulatory, surcharges and other charges are applicable. Call for details or visit us at for additional information and terms and conditions of service. 1. Internet service. Customers on qualifying internet plans may receive download speeds of 25.0 Mbps to 1.0 Gbps, per respective plan. A 30-day notice is required to cancel service. Unlimited usage subject to “fair and normal” usage limitations as described in terms and conditions.



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