Having a fast, reliable internet connection is more than a luxury, it is a necessity. From e-learning and remote work to virtual doctor appointments, streaming TV, and paying bills, the internet is important…regardless of your location.

For areas where broadband capabilities are limited, seamlessly using the internet can be a struggle. That’s where TWN Communications comes in!

Our fast, reliable fiber internet uses cutting-edge technology to provide you with a connection you can count on.

So why choose TWN fiber internet?

Fast Speeds

The gold standard in internet service, fiber-optic broadband offers significant advantages compared to fixed wireless, DSL, and cable. Using glass core fibers and light signals to transmit data, fiber internet delivers a state-of-the-art connection and is more effective at transmitting large amounts of data at quick speeds. With our fiber internet, you can enjoy speeds from 25 Mbps all the way up to 1 Gbps!

Unlimited Data

Fiber internet from TWN also offers unlimited data. No matter how much content you download, we will never charge overage fees or throttle your speeds. Multiple devices, multiple users, and multiple streaming services? No need to worry. You’ll have plenty of data for all your favorite digital activities.


TWN’s fiber network is designed with several points of network redundancy. This means that there are always alternate paths available for data to travel, ensuring a consistent connection you can depend on. Homes and businesses can expect superior reliability with no service interruptions.

Sustained Speeds

Fiber internet from TWN also provides sustained speeds, not “up to” speeds like most competitors. If you sign up for 100 Mbps, that is what you get. No more lagging or buffering…only smooth search and streaming ahead!

Symmetrical Speeds

Additionally, our fiber internet offers symmetrical speeds, which means download and upload speeds are the same. A lot of internet providers don’t talk about upload speed, which is often significantly slower than download speed in their packaged plans. Fiber internet from TWN provides you with the same speed in both directions so you can share files and video conference with ease.

In a world where being connected matters, TWN is looking forward to bringing fast fiber internet to your front door!

Visit twncomm.com or call 877-877-6861 to learn more.

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